Science is Boring?

Too many technical blogs is not good for the soul. Therefore I purpose talking about something less intellectual before ending the day. The first topic came to mind is Britney Spears because of all the stereotyping. Then I thought to myself, she could be smart...then this would be another technical post again. So I decied to do a light research on Britney's Intellectual achievment. Mainly I thought maybe I would find she has a dance and music degree, maybe own a business degree and possess good marketing skills. How wrong I was.

Tentatively, I set my foot out on the web in order to find out B.S.'s I.Q. and below is what I found.

Yes, folks, Brittney Spears has a guide to Semiconductor Physics. I knew I said I wasn't going to do another technical post. But goodness - B.S. Guide to Semiconductor Physics! Sigh...I guess I will just have to be content on posting another picture and proceed on finding my no-brainer post topic.


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