Quest for No-Brain

6 minutes till midnight, nothing brainless came to mind just yet. I suppose I will just have to dig deeper into my inner self. The world wide web is simply too wise and full of information for anything idiotic to exist. Here is a simple 1 minute play made by faithfully yours.

<inner self> hello, anyone out there?
<sushi> no, no one is out here.
<inner self> .......
<inner self> then who is speaking?
<sushi> I am just a figment of your imagination.
<inner self> even still, you seem have some answers, since you just answered two of mine. Might you know...
<sushi> *cuts inner self off* the answer is 42.
<the rational Albert> Gah!! Only one minutes left.
<inner self> who was that just now?
<sushi> You must be mistaken sir, I heard no one, then again, I am just a figment of your imagination so I don't hear very well.
<inner self> well, then, just in case you visist the land lord of this place...maybe you are also his figment of imagination, then could you perhaps tell him someone turned off the light to this place 15 years ago and could he please try to fix it?
<sushi> I shall try my best, fear not. In the main time, why don't we play some ping pong to relieve your stress.
<ineer self> Ok.
<sushi> | .
<inner self> . |
<sushi> | .
<inner self> . |
<sushi> | .
<inner self> | .
<sushi> whoops
<the rational Albert> Time's UP.
<inner self> what time? what is..
<sushi> *cuts inner self off* the answer is 42.

I think I have achieved my goal. All credit goes to Me, Myself, and I. Any and all rights preserved by <sushi>. Technically <inner self> owns some of the rights too, but he doesn't know it. <the rational Albert> on the other hand, is going to sleep.


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