Ill Advised To Follow This Train Of Thoughts

we all speak different languages - a translation of our thoughts that enable us to crudely comprehend another being. it would be nice if one day two beings can understand each other completely and without doubt. some might argue that love is already such a universal language. i wish i was part of that some.

love is kindness, love is care, and love is acceptance; but love is not understanding. it makes the words more beautiful but it does not make the words true. love make people willing to try and that sometimes leads to more understanding. yet on the most part, love is blind. it would be hard to find something (truth) if you can't see. then again, i am assuming truth exists on the same wave length that is visually detectable. perhaps, truth is invisible, then wouldn't a blind man with an acute sense of touch be better suited to find it? if truth is really visuable, wouldn't people have already found it by now?

More odd thoughts forming now, i will just keep a short list and expand on it later.
1. maybe truth is not define absolutely but is relative
2. if truth is relative then there must be a reference. in order for it to be judge there must be a consciencousness. (think quantum physics, the state of quark lvl particales is not determined until an observer sees it)
3. if at quark lvl physical objects are affected by thoughts and this world is composed of these tiny little blocks, the perhaps reality is determined by thoguhts.
4. reality, perhaps then is determined by thoughts. an example would be money. money by itself is just a lump of metal or a piece of paper. yet through collective belive, we give it value. if no one think it is worth anything, then it wouldn't. on the contarary, the more valuable people think a currency is, the more it is worth. in this case the strength of the thought determines the strength of the reality. same thing can be said for patients who took placebo but got better, they believe and there they are.
5.if thoughts influences this world then it either exerts a force that science has not detected yet or is not real.
6. if thougth exerts no force and yet influences quark, then the reality as we know it is not reality at all. more likely it is a computer simulation.
7. energy lvl only exist in pieces, it is not continuous. the same thing can be said for matters, which exist in tiny blocks. since this universe is composed of energy and matter, time is very likely to be discountinuous as well. i think time might be discountinuous because if life is a computer simulation, it would neatly explain why everything we have found is in chunks. 1's and 0's. a piece of digital symbol stands for an energy lvl. other 1's and 0' stands for the tiny blocks of matter. the discontinous time is the gap between reading and writing of 1's and 0's.

i am not sure how i came up to 7, i hope it still make sense once i go to bed and try to read the article again tomorrow. just seems odd my free writing always take odd turns. either way, if reality is ture then it will still be here when i wake up. if reality is not true, then it wouldn't matter when i wake up. so either way, i am going to sleep.


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