Fatigue Induced Thoughts

So tired, the desire to write is inversely proportional to the amount of coffee I consume. Actually more accurately, the equation would be y=-[(x-4)^2] + 400...Where each integer represents an hour and the range is from 0~24. Picturing that equation in my head I have an upside down curve with maximum at x=4 hours meaning drinking coffee for the first 4 hours increases writing desire and as time approaches x = 24 hour time mark writing desire diminishes to 0. Of course, I am beat, so that equation could be wrong... At this point, it matters not. No one reads myhis posts and I have only myself to amuse, or blame. How simple life would be if that were true regarding how I live. Yet we are all responsible to more than just ourselves. Some people carry that weight like a burden, others like treasure....No no no, this is turning into another long post. Must end here. Let me end with one final thought.

the night is my armor, the quiet serenity that is undemanding and uncluttered. The darkness that other fear for the unknown, I see as a chance to look into myself. And perhaps, what others fear were not the unknown, but themselves. No no, turning into another train of thought. Must sleep now.

*7/27, now that I check the equation while conscious, I see it is wrong*


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