Bathroom, Life, and Time

My bathroom is now under renovation, so to take a shower I now must use the other bathroom. Further more, the plumber accidentally punch a hole in the hot water pipe so I might have to take cold showers for the next few days until he unlocks the hot water pipe.

cold shower is pretty refreshing for a change, I can't remember the last time I had to live without the luxury of modern technology. While being blasted by ice cold water I can't help but make a bunch of noises that might alarm my neighbors. I can only hope my apartment has good sound proof. On a side note, if my neighbor doesn't look at me funny tomorrow, it might be safe for me to sing in the shower from now on. Isn't it wonderful to do real life experiment on frequency propagation?

Job is getting easier now, I think I am used to sleeping 6 hours a day. The tough part now is my lack of free time, I had to either choose reading, writing, exercising, or catching up on sleep. Which is a hard decision to make. I must say I agree with the saying "the tragedy is not between choosing right or wrong but choosing between two rights" in this case - 4 rights.

things I grew a taste for while in Taiwan - Japanese's shows, milk puddings, kneeling chairs. I might have to learn more Japanese and try to understand what those funny people are talking about. Their faces are so expressive though, I feel like that in itself tells the tales already. I would like to learn and talk with my face more, although I have not seen many guys who is that expressive. Perhaps it is a gender thing. While I am at it, I would like to try and talk with my hands too, I usually just set my hands to the side, they must feel underappreciated.

so here is a summary of my to-do list formed while free writing:
-check neighbor's reaction tomorrow
-be more expressive facially and maybe use my hand to aid my speech

last thought before going to bed,
time is the school in which we learn;
time is the fire in which we burn.


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