Word of the day is ambrosia. It means food of the gods. Now-a-days better known as a dessert of chilled fruit mixed with coconut.

personally I think the real food of the gods is 鮮奶布丁, roughly translated Fresh Milk Pudding. It looks suspiciously like Flan which is loved by the evil doctor in Gunnm. I can live on a solid diet of that stuff....Until I die of vitamin deficiency that is. Let us also hope this food has no relation on why the evil doctor became evil. Then again, you are what you eat so maybe I am doomed to a life style of world domination.

speaking of food, I also enjoy protein rich substance saturated with hemoglobin lightly grilled on carbon combustion minerals - namely grilled steak. Logically and intellectually I prefer fruits and vegetables, it is healthy, low on fat and cal., and better on the unfortunate animals that shares the same planet as us humans. But eating habits is anything but logical. Besides, you could think of it the other way, save plants - eat meat. Who is to say animals are more worthy to save than the peaceful immobile green friends? In the end, to be fair, I try to eat a bit of both and while still feeling a bit guilty to both life forms. What can I say? Bon appetite.


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