I look over on the calender and it marks an oridinary Thursday. Like majority of the 365 days, today is nothing special. It is not a holiday, or my friend's birthday, or even a weekend. - Just your average day in an average life.

But today marks a new beginning; Today is a day of change; Today is the day i picked to start my life over. I don't want to look back 22 years from now and question, "What have I done with my life?" and i don't want to wait for new year's eve to change. After all, I waited 22 years now and it is time to wake up from this pleasent but surreal dream. It is nice to have dreams, but having not act on your dreams they simply melt away.

I would like to wake up and make my dream come true, so that other people may share in the beauty of my simple vision. Sacrifices has to be made and I won't get to do simply what i enjoy. Yet, I hope, in times of crisis I can look back at the blog and remember this moment of quiet determination. Here I stand my ground and I wish to make something of myself, and I wish to dream the waking dream. The best thing in the world is to have someone believe in you compeletly and then live up to that expectation. This is step one, and I am saying, "I beleive in myself"

Now go to class, and be productive.


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